Locals calls this place ‚Manyeleti‘ – ‚place of the stars‘. Let yourself be inspired.

Manyeleti’s magical elements:

  • The inspiring history
  • It’s excellente setting
  • and a very intimately passionately run lodge!

The Manyeleti Story

Manyeleti is directly connected with the history of South Africa: during the Apartheid era, 1948 – 1989, it was the only reserve where non-whites were welcomed.  Very few tourists found their way to Manyeleti, so the reserve had very few lodges and limited infrastructure. Up to today this has a significant value: here guests can really experience low impact tourism with a very high animal density.


Manyeleti lies sandwiched between the famous Game Reserves of Sabi Sands and Timbavati. As with the rest of the Kruger Reserves, the fences have been let down some years ago and the animals can move freely in an area larger than Switzerland. Safari guests find themselves in the middle of the main animal corridor. 

This ensures great game drives and wondeful enimal encounters.On our first evening drive we came across the wonderful female leopard – a magical moment! Despite the bad light, we sat and marvelled ….

Here is a great video of how she marks here area:

(on the next evening we followed a pride of twelve lions hunting wildebeest –  magical and exciting!)

Tintswalo Safari Lodge

The service and experiences blew me away! Tintswalo doesn’t have employees, you simply enter a large family gathering.There are few lodges where guests are so well taken care of.
And what a welcome we got from the local elephant!

The chalets have a classic safari lodge feel to them and each one celebrates an icon of adventure and safari: eg. Burton, Livingstone, Kingsley, Speke & Stanley. The walls are built on the style of the Zimbabwe Ruins and the furnishing transports you to a bygone era of romantic safaris. Every unit has a different styling in memory of it’s famours namegiver. 

Out Tip: Allow enough time in your unit to treasure and learn about the namesake of your lodge.

Now let’s have a look at the main buildings and exterior spaces:

Nostalgic details are everywhere!

The outstanding points of Tintswalo are the sensational game drives and the wonderful staff who are geared to make your stay super special. Do not miss the great Bush Pub! While we stood around the fir with our gin and tonics a troop of Hyenas walked passed completely unperturbed.  

Here are some more videos and pics of our wonderful visit:

On departure day we were treated to an amazing bush breakfast …

Tintswalos Junior Ranger Programme is wonderfully creative – bring your kids!

All youngsters become Junior Rangers!

For the adults there is a photograhpy playground. Here you can print and package your best pics. Everything ready as carry on luggage! 

And at the end of a wonderful safari day, this romantic welcome awaits you in your room….

Tintswalo Safari Lodge is a hidden gem amongst safari destinations. We would love to help you plan your perfect safari here, contact us anytime.

Here are some more pics and videos: